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We change WorkLives.

Neuro-inclusive Job Coaching

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What We Do

VocaWell provides neuro-inclusive job coaching for results-oriented professionals.

Our Job Coaching program is designed to enhance your work-life balance, master executive function strategies, and navigate your unique career path with confidence.

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What can I expect?

You'll learn new executive function strategies that are tailored for your brain and unique job. Your unique mind is an asset—let us help you leverage it.

Learn how to get the support you need at work

Execute tasks in a way that’s intentional and organized

Know what to do when you feel stuck or overwhelmed

Build consistent productivity instead of “all or nothing”

Drive progress on long-term projects as well as the small stuff

Re-vamp your to-do lists, project trackers, note-taking and calendaring systems 

Learn about the latest assistive tech, apps, and software that can improve your worklife

"My work and well-being are no longer in competition with each other."

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“My coach provided a safe, judgment-free space for me to be honest about the struggles I had due to my ADHD, and get actionable tips I could implement right away. I told her how my mind works when I feel overwhelmed by a task and she made insightful observations then recommended specific, simple tools I could apply to the challenges I faced on a daily basis."

Sr. Software Engineer

“ I know how to manage the symptoms of my disability better, and I feel much more calm, equipped, and confident to handle tasks that, before, I would quickly feel overwhelmed by. As a result, I feel much more in control of my workload and schedule, and I feel clear on what to do every day. It's not an exaggeration to say that this program was life-changing for me."

 Software Engineer

Who is job coaching designed for?

Across tech and beyond - we support professionals navigating challenges with ADHD, depression, anxiety, dyslexia, and autism, and burnout. Here are just a few examples:

Software Engineers of all levels

 Product/Project Managers

Sales Account Executives, Digital Marketing Managers, Financial Analysts

UX Designers, Web Designers, and Accessibility Specialists

Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Scientists

Entrepreneurs, business owners, and independent consultants

Attorneys, teachers, healthcare providers, job seekers, artists and more!

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We're Growing! VocaWell has evolved into ThynkStack. Click here to visit our new website!

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