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Work and Well-being
- Made Clear.

Our consultants are experts in all aspects of disability, neurodivergence, work wellness, and accommodations.


Comprehensive Support to Put Inclusion First

Good things happen when businesses put inclusion first. So, what does putting inclusion first mean?

Quite simply—putting inclusion first means incorporating DE&I into every level of a business—so people with disabilities and from diverse backgrounds can thrive in the workplace.    

Companies that pay mere lip service to DE&I are paying the price—through difficulties in staff retention, attraction of new talent, and overall productivity.

The consultants at VocaWell can help businesses navigate any aspect of workplace accommodations and inclusion. Some of our most popular services are detailed below. 

Common Areas We Work With

  • VocaWell provides job coaching to businesses as an accommodation or as an employee benefit

  • Return-to-work coaching and support to help employees return from leave and stay at work

  • Consultation on specific workplace accommodations cases or complex situations involving disability

  • Comprehensive inclusion training—from team workshops, 1:1 consultation for complex situations, and executive mentoring, to remedial counseling—we can do it all.

  • Development and implementation of disability and neurodiversity hiring programs—we help you build inclusion intro every step of your talent acquisition strategy.


Why use VocaWell?

While VocaWell can assist with these issues at any stage when they arise, we consistently find that businesses who are proactive about DE&I have better outcomes.

By strategically building DE&I into their operations— businesses flip the script on disability and neurodiversity from being problems to be solved—-into opportunities to be realized.

Businesses that proactively invest in DE&I have more productive employees, spend less time on damage control and on playing ‘catch-up’ when it comes to disability inclusion. 

Benefits of choosing VocaWell Consulting

Unrivaled Experience - The DE&I and workplace accommodation fields are not new, but they haven’t been around for ages, either. Our consultants are some of the most experienced disability strategists in the industry. Their unique insights as the pioneers of the DE&I movement will help your business get ahead of the curve in the quickly changing world of disability inclusion and equity.
Tech Industry Expertise - Our consultants all have unique experience consulting for the world's largest tech companies - and many of them have worked in these companies themselves designing internal global disability solutions. VocaWell founder, Kate Broeking, is one of the leading authorities on harnessing the power of neurodiversity and disability in the tech industry. 
Leaders of Innovation - The workplace DE&I movement grew organically side-by-side, yet distinctly separate from traditional HR models. The foundation of this movement is offering unique, innovative, novel solutions to modern workplace challenges. Finding new solutions for individuals and businesses is the name of the game, and VocaWell have been at the forefront of this exciting movement for over a decade.
Practicality - At VocaWell, we believe that workplace accommodations, practicality, and efficiency are not mutually exclusive. DE&I initiatives are just as beneficial for employers as for employees.

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