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Our Approach

VocaWell's strengths lie in our extensive expertise across human resources, disability, job coaching, and corporate sectors. With a proven track record of successful implementation and service delivery for top-tier companies, VocaWell is well-equipped to meet any employer's need.

VocaWell's job coaching program teaches professionals executive function skills and strategies to manage their role while prioritizing their well-being. The program consists of ten 60-minute sessions, completed over the course of 3-4 months.


Elevate your business with job coaching - a win-win strategy that:

Supports career growth and opportunities for employees with disabilities

Enhances employee experience and retention

Cuts costs by reducing short- and long-term disability leaves 

Improves return-to-work outcomes

Enhances company reputation as an inclusive employer

Reduces legal risk and ensures ADA compliance


More Ways We Can Support Your Business

Accommodation & Disability Consultation

We provide consultation on complex situations involving disability, neurodivergence, and mental health in the workplace. From reasonable accommodation requests to tricky topics like performance management, we're here to help create positive outcomes.

Speaking Engagements

Disability Inclusion Training is tailored for teams, employee resource groups, human resources, and company-wide audiences. Contact us to learn about our training offerings.

Inclusion Strategy Consultation

Empower your organization to become more inclusive and accessible with expert guidance. From developing comprehensive accommodation processes and creating self-identification campaigns to establishing disability hiring programs and employee resource groups/affinity space, we'll help you create a culture that fosters equity and belonging.

Inclusion Sessions for Managers

We offer inclusion consultation sessions for managers, providing a confidential space for them to ask questions and seek guidance from a disability subject matter expert. 

Benefits of choosing VocaWell 

Unrivaled Experience 

Our strength lies in our deep and broad understanding of various methodologies, assistive technologies, and corporate sectors, enabling the creation and execution of highly effective job coaching plans. Our job coaches possess in-depth knowledge of diverse accommodation solutions and state-specific disability employment law.

Tech Industry Expertise

Our job coaches have unique experience working for the world's largest tech companies - and many of them have worked in these companies themselves. VocaWell founder, Kate Broeking, is one of the leading authorities on harnessing the power of neurodiversity and disability in the tech industry. 

Specialized Focus

Unlike traditional job coaching programs that primarily cater to individuals with developmental disabilities, our program is specifically designed for professionals in complex corporate roles, addressing their unique challenges and requirements.

Data-Driven Solutions 

 Drawing from the Vocational Rehabilitation model, our job coaching services provide targeted, short-term support tailored to each professionals' needs. Using real-world data and experiences, our coaches recommend adaptable solutions that cater to diverse industries and challenges.

Business Colleagues

“My coach provided a safe, judgment-free space for me to be honest about the struggles I had due to my ADHD, and get actionable tips I could implement right away. I told her how my mind works when I feel overwhelmed by a task and she made insightful observations then recommended specific, simple tools I could apply to the challenges I faced on a daily basis."

Sr. Software Engineer

“ I know how to manage the symptoms of my disability better, and I feel much more calm, equipped, and confident to handle tasks that, before, I would quickly feel overwhelmed by. As a result, I feel much more in control of my workload and schedule, and I feel clear on what to do every day. It's not an exaggeration to say that this program was life-changing for me."

 Software Engineer

We're Growing! VocaWell has evolved into ThynkStack. Click here to visit our new website!

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