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We Change WorkLives

Job coaching provides professionals with executive function skills, 1:1 coaching, and accommodation support so you can thrive at work and at home.


Job Coaching

Our modern workplaces aren't always designed to support people who think, learn, and work differently, including those with ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism and more. It may feel like it takes more time, energy, and stress to keep up with your work then it should. You may feel like your daily work productivity doesn’t match your ‘output’ of effort and energy.

Common challenges include:

  • Overwhelmed by to-do lists or forgetting small things

  • Prioritizing easy tasks over difficult ones

  • Inconsistent or “all or nothing” productivity

  • Getting anxious before meetings or finding it hard to focus

  • Feeling like you never accomplished ‘enough’ at the end of the day or completed what you set out to do

  • Agonizing over dreaded tasks

  • Overthinking emails or managing large volume of emails/chats

  • Updating your work systems to keep up with a faster pace

Sound familiar?
Job coaching can help.

VocaWell’s job coaching is a neuro-inclusive tool to help professionals become more effective and productive at work, all while prioritizing your well-being. We teach executive-function skills, provide one-on-one coaching, and help you  advocate for the right support. 

Outcomes of job coaching:

  • Execute tasks in a way that’s deliberate and organized

  • Build consistent productivity instead of “all or nothing”

  • Start tasks when you want instead of procrastinating

  • Drive progress on long-term projects as well as the small stuff

  • Know what to do when you feel stuck or overwhelmed by work

  • Clearly communicate your thoughts in meetings and in writing

  • Learn about effective accommodation and self-advocacy strategies

We help professionals with disabilities, mental health conditions, and neurodivergence as well as those dealing with demanding workloads or who just want to explore ways to improve their worklives (sometimes all of the above!) 

To meet the unique needs of those we serve, we bring experience in social work, job coaching, vocational rehabilitation and corporate HR & DEI strategy, coupled with extensive experience with assistive technology and workplace accommodations. 


We specialize in working in the tech industry and with software engineers of all levels.


Executive Function Training

Time management, organization, decision making, memory, and focus are some of the complex activities that make up executive functioning.

Our abilities in these areas have huge impact on work performance and daily life. Yet most of the time we use them completely unconsciously, based on models we learned in childhood.

Executive function training gives you tailored higher level thinking tools and strategies to  manage the challenges work and life throws your way.

Job Coaching

Job, vocation, career—whatever you call it, the modern work environment is becoming more complicated—leading to epidemic levels or burnout and workplace stress.


Each industry and individual faces different barriers and challenges.  Whether you need support with email management, writing whitepapers, or managing an overwhelming workload, we help you identify new tools and strategies to bring a sense of ease and flow back into your daily work life.

Accommodation & Advocacy


Did you know that employers are obligated to provide accommodations for things like ADHD, Depression, Autism, Anxiety, and more? Most people don't.


VocaWell coaches are experts in all aspects of workplace accommodations. We will deep dive your situation and help you understand the options to advocate for yourself inside AND outside of formal processes.


How does it work?

  1. ​Schedule your free 30-minute consultation and meet your coach.

  2. Set your goals and begin coaching. You'll typically cover one topic per session and your coach will recommend actionable strategies and tools for you to try out before the next session. 

  3. Give feedback and build your toolkit. 

  4. Evaluate and End. Your coach helps you track your progress and assess if your tools are working. At the end of coaching, you’ll have a flexible set of tools AND a plan to maintain them.

  5. Free 60-day check-in. Sometimes we all need a boost - this extra sesssion gives you a chance to ask questions and re-visit your tools!




We're proud to offer a sliding scale.

Employers may cover the cost of this service.

Book a consultation to learn more!

Benefits of Choosing VocaWell

Highly Experienced Coaches - Our coaches are hand picked because of their exceptional skills and deep subject matter expertise. Our coaches understand the unique work challenges faced in the tech industry - whether it’s the pain of writing a whitepaper, anxiety around on-call rotation, or difficulties influencing stakeholders. Our coaches also have lived experience with mental health, neurodivergence, or disability.

Tailored Coaching, Based On Your Needs - Our service is based on helping professionals find out exactly what will help them thrive in the workplace and life, then putting this into action. We don’t just teach theory—we teach real skills for the real world. 

Confidentiality - VocaWell is a confidential place to speak openly about your challenges and get support. Many people don't speak up about their challenges at work - whether it's related to a medical condition or a challenging workload. Your coach has experience navigating disclosure, requests for support, and advocacy across many different professional situations. 

Real World Experience - VocaWell coaches are at the forefront of contemporary knowledge in the workplace accommodations field. Our founder literally built the corporate world's first Work Wellness Coaching program, which is now offered at some of the largest tech companies in the world. By choosing VocaWell, you get access to the latest innovations in employee wellbeing and support, provided by world-class coaches at the top of their game.    

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